The Company Provide Different Internet Solutions Like :
TV Service
Share Service
Game Server


TV Live:

99 free channels. the company in conjunction with the re-broadcast over the Internet of the company. This service allows the customer watch private channels or sports or scientific encrypted channels. These channels are available only to customers of isps groups company..

Game server :

Sales department provides a special server partition that contains modern collective games. Where the company's customers can choose a game to compete with each other through a network supplier for General Trading and Services online , Without need to use computers connected to a local network in one location as in galleries Electronic Games, but it is possible to use games through online supplier of the company.

Share Server :

Which is available for all the company's customers .the company provides the latest Arab and foreign films and series stored on this server .The customer can download the required files and store it on his phone or his personal computer and view it at different times even in the case of non-availability of Internet .

Web Pages :

The company offers web design service for people and companies who are among the company's customers. With this web hosting company servers